SIUI® – เครื่องอัลตราซาวด์ จอสี Color Doppler Ultrasound ” SIUI ” – Apogee 5500


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เครื่องอัลตราซาวด์ จอสี Color Doppler Ultrasound ” SIUI ” – Apogee 5500

Apogee 5500

Installed with Smartech Engine the brand-new intelligent image processing platform Apogee 5500 is a high-end model of the product line. Equipped with extended physic channels it offers more detailed image signal and higher image density by using high element density probes. Exclusive technology is applied to offer superb image resolution exceptional image penetration advanced flow sensibility and improved S/N ratio. Image quality of both 2D mode and color mode has been improved dramatically.

Balanced echo compensation
The technology recognizes and enhances the effective signals as well as reduces noise beyond boundaries. It significantly improves the tissue uniformity and S/N ratio.

Nanopure & Nanoview
Two kinds of speckle reduction technology are ready to use according to different tissue. The newly developed Nanopure technology has remarkable performance in scanning cardiovascular MSK and superficial organs while Nanoview keeps its advantage in abdomen and OBG image optimization.

Fuzzy logic flow
Fuzzy logic algorithm is applied to set each key parameter in specific range. Different parameter weight is designed according to targeted tissue so as to furthest restore flow signal enhance flow sensitivity and reduce wall motion noise.

Cristal purity probe
Apogee 5500 incorporates SIUI’s new generation crystal purity probe. Application of single crystal material brings about a huge leap of 110% in bandwidth which facilitates the probe performance on patients even in difficult model and significantly boosts diagnostic confidence.

High element density probe
Element density of different probes increases by 25%-50%. High element density probe employed in this system has demonstrated its advantage in image density resolution and information.