ASPEL ® – ASPEL ECG GREEN v.05.101 (Electrocardiograph)


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AsCARD Green electrocardiograph is a 1- and 3-channel ECG unit which enables to make electrocardiogram in full 12 leads. Intended for ECG examinations of adult and paediatric patients aimed at identification of cardiological abnormalities, myocardial ischaemia or infarction. The device is intended for use in healthcare facilities by duly trained personnel. ECG examination may be recorded in manual or automatic mode with the ability to perform the analysis and interpretation.

Electrocardiograph is based on advanced microprocessor technology. It is equipped with a thermal printer with high-resolution head and graphical LCD display. A hightech membrane keyboard makes the AsCARD Green device operation intuitive, and its menu navigation exceptionally easy. This light-weight, small-footprint and battery powered cause that device can be easily transported to any location. With plastic casing and foil covered keyboard, the device is neat and easy to clean.

Technical specifications

dimensions: 220x153x55 mm (L x W x H)
weight: < 0,6 kg recording of standard 12 ECG leads saving the ECG signal simultaneously from all the 12 leads during the automatic recording, together with the date and time of the examination, filter settings, examination recording time and, optionally, patient's data, in the internal memory printout of the automatic ECG recording from internal memory, in groups of three leads printout of the analysis, interpretation of automatic ECG examination display of 1, 3, 6 or 12 lead ECG recordings printout of 1 or 3 lead ECG of selected group: attaching the name of the patient to the ECG printout ECG printout in 1- or 3-channel modes membrane alphanumeric keyboard with functional keys graphical menu displayed on the screen for easy operation using keyboard automatic analysis and interpretation in compliance with EN 60601-2-25 (CSE database) - interpretation dependable on age & sex of a patient memory of the last automatic examinations, with a limit from 5 to 1000 up to 130 automatic examinations in battery mode continuous heart rate (HR) measurement and display automatic detection of QRS complex adapted to direct operation on an open heart power line interference filter: 50 Hz, 60 Hz muscle interference filter; filters available: 25 Hz, 35 Hz, 45 Hz contour line filters; filters available: 0.15 Hz, 0.45 Hz, 0.75 Hz, 1.5 Hz detection of electrode detachment, independent for each channel selectable channel to detect heart rate the thickness of the printing ECG waveforms line to choose from: normal or bold presentation of the curves in the standard layout or Cabrera layout multilingual menu external USB communication port to connect a PC and the CardioTEKA software, for real-time transmission of ECG signal acoustic signalling of detected beats protection against defibrillation pulse detection and presentation of stimulating pulses on printout automatic examination with the printout of patient data and clinic data battery power saving functions Standard equipment limb electrodes, 4 pieces chest electrodes, 6 piece KEKG-30R ECG cable medical power connector, M12-15 RB1 paper 58 mm wide (1 roll) ECG gel operation manual Collapse