Infinium® – ClearVue™ XL The Infinium® ClearVue™ VLXL Comprehensive Video Laryngoscope


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ClearVue™ XL
The Infinium® ClearVue™ VLXL
Comprehensive Video Laryngoscope
The Infinium® ClearVue™ video laryngoscope adopts state-of-the-art image technology and possesses the advantage of a 2.0-megapixel full view camera with 8-inch high-resolution monitor. The ClearVue™ features a rechargeable li-ion battery for mobile use. The HD optics offer a unique anti-fog and high-resolution image. The overall design is compact and ergonomic. A high-resolution view of the glottis will enable the clinician’s first-attempt success while minimizing any chance of a complication during the intubation process.

The Infinium ClearVue™ Video Laryngoscopes are:
CLEAR AND INNOVATIVEClearVue XL – Reusable Blades

High Resolution 8 Inch Screen
Mobile Stands Available
2 Models (Reusable Blade or Disposable Blade)
Rigid Steel Construction of Hand Pieces
Quick installation and Removal of Blades
Quick Shot Camera Button for Photo and Video Recording
4 GB Data Storage (Approx. 80 Minutes of Stored Video)
Use on Battery or AC Power

Reusable Blade model
Macintosh Blades Size 1,2,3,4,5 Available
Macintosh Curved “D” Blades Size 1,2,3,4,5 Available
Miller Blades Size 0,1 available
The ClearVue™ Comes standard with Macintosh Size 2,3, and 4 Blades

Macintosh Blade Size 1,2,3,4,5 Available
Macintosh Channeled Blade Size 1,2,3,4,5 Available
ClearVue XL – Laryngoscope Disposable BladesDURABLE

2 Years Warranty
Screen Reinforced with Anti-Shatter Protection
Light Weight Long Lasting Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

8 Inch HD Display
Anti-Fog Optics Lens
2.0 Mega Pixel Camera With Video