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PageWriter TC20

The PageWriter TC20 is an advanced, easy-to-use cardiograph that supports your evolving workflow needs.

Visual guidance to simplify ECGs

With the PageWriter TC20 cardiograph, each button lights in sequence, prompting you to take an ECG as easily as 1-2-3. The 6.5″ touchscreen further streamlines ECGs.
Reporting aids speed reporting process

The PageWriter TC21 cardiograph features user aids to support high-quality ECG reports the first time. Five minutes of patient ECG history are available for review and to create ECG reports. ECG reports can be exported in PDF or XML format.
Philips DXL 12-lead ECG Algorithm expands diagnostic capabilities

Philips DXL 12-lead ECG Algorithm provides industry-leading ECG interpretations and a suite of advanced STEMI diagnostic aids to provide an interpretation of rhythm and morphology for a wide variety of patient populations.
Advanced bidirectional network communication for secure connection

Because it’s built on a standard platform, PageWriter TC20 fits seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. So you’re always connected, without being locked in. It delivers secure, wireless connectivity via standard LAN protocols to protect the privacy of patient, staff and financial information.