Micrel® – Parenteral feeding pump Mini Rythmic™ PN+


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Parenteral feeding pump Mini Rythmic™ PN+

The Mini Rythmic™ PN+ is an ambulatory pump for Parenteral Nutrition, Antibiotherapy, IVIG, Chemotherapy, Enzyme therapy and other continuous infusion therapies.

This portable pump has been designed to:

• Use an external fluid bag so as to infuse unlimited volume, while taking advantage of a compact pump design
• Incorporated air elimination filter to reduce nuisance alarms
• Increase operational autonomy and reduce carried weight

With infusion rates from 0.1 to 400.0 ml/hr (0.1 to 999.9 mg/hr) and a variety of infusion modes choices (Auto Ramp, Intermittent, Continuous and others) the Mini Rythmic™ PN+ can be used for any high-demand continuous infusion treatment such as Parenteral Nutrition, Chemotherapy and Antibiotics Infusion therapies.

Mini Rythmic™ PN+ limits “unnecessary alarm” activity

The pump has been designed to reduce most of unnecessary potential alarms whilst preserving full safety:
– Air-in-line eliminator
– Automatic restart after occlusion release
– Long battery autonomy (17hrs @ 300ml/hr with lightweight battery pack) to decrease the frequency of battery alarms and related changes

Mini Rythmic™ PN+ offers “All in One” innovative, high safety, infusion sets

• Sets have all components pre-assembled thus avoiding additional unsafe connections
• There is built-in anti free flow / back check valve, air eliminator and extra long extension line on all PN sets