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SOMNI 3 Vaporizers

SOMNI 3 Vaporizers are built with optimal patient care in mind. It is essential that the vaporizer components are manufactured from materials that have a known thermal conductivity. This design improves the consistency of vapor delivered and reduces risk to the patient.

Find out more about the SOMNI Vaporizer Service, Calibration and Exchange here

Low flow calibration at 21° C using laser refractometry ensures un-paralleled accuracy of anesthetic vapor delivery throughout the dial percentage range.
Brass and specific alloy materials assure accurate heat transference which is critical to control anesthetic agent vaporization.
The internal advanced wicking system (currently utilized in human anesthetic vaporizers) assures linear vapor delivery during extended surgical procedures.
Service available on anesthetic vaporizers.
Two-year warranty and caibration schedule.
Weight: 15.5 lb/7 kg
Height: 7.58 in/195 mm
Depth: 5.5 in/140 mm
Width: 5.25 in/135 mm
Agent Capacity: 250 mL
Wicking Capacity: 75 mL