Infinium® – The Infinium ClearVue VL3R™ Reusable Blade Video Laryngoscope


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The Infinium ClearVue VL3R™
Reusable Blade Video Laryngoscope
ClearVue with Reusable Blades – Reusable Video LaryngoscopeThe Infinium ClearVue ™ video laryngoscope adopts state-of-the-art image technology and possesses the advantage of a 2.0-megapixel full view camera with 4-inch high-resolution monitor. The ClearVue™ features a rechargeable Li-ion battery for extended use. The HD screen offers a unique anti-fog and anti-shatter capability. The overall design is compact and ergonomic. A high-resolution view of the glottis will enable the clinician’s first-attempt success while minimizing any chance of a complication during the intubation process.

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The Infinium ClearVue™ Video Laryngoscopes are:

Lightweight – Unit Is Less Than 350g.
Quick installation and Removal of Blade
Quick Shot Camera Button for Photo and Video Recording
4 GB Data Storage (Approx. 80 Minutes of Stored Video)
Optional HDMI Output for Remote Display
ClearVue with Reusable Blades – Reusable BladesCOMPREHENSIVE BLADE OFFERING

Macintosh Blades Size 1,2,3,4,5 Available
Macintosh Curved “D” Blades Size 1,2,3,4,5 Available
Miller Blades Size 0,1 available
The ClearVue Comes standard with Macintosh Size 2,3, and 4 Blades

2 Year Warranty
Screen Reinforced with Anti-Shatter Protection
Light Weight Long Lasting Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
ClearVue with Reusable Blades – Reusable Side ViewHIGH-DEFINITION

4 inch HD Display
Anti-Fog Lens
2.0 Mega Pixel Camera With Video