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Victoria Lipos
High performance solution designed particularly for liposuction and operating rooms.

Victoria product line
Makes less noise than your PC

A special system of noise and vibration dampening for an extremely quiet and smooth operation with an incredibly low noise level of 39,4 dB
Maintenance-free aggregate
Reliable and vibration- free run
Casing is made of very sturdy, unbreakable, fire retardant material with UV protection
Pump Body is made of Aluminum alloy
Pump is cooled by extra fan
Each pump is thoroughly tested
Designed for Continuous run
Colour coded gauge for safe vacuum management
Overflow protection
Safety vacuum regulator
Illuminated on/off switch – meets EU norm EN ISO 10079-1
Grip for comfortable handling
The stainless eurorail ensures maximum flexibility – you can attach up to four jars of any size and/or any other accessories needed (limiting water valve, suction circuit holder)
Change-over switch – shift the vacuum from one bottle to the other with a single move
Integrated catheter container or storage basket
Air-operated footswitch
Non-marking casters with safety brakes
Antistatic casters – optional
Designed for right and left hand operation