Philips Burton LED Surgery light® – Surgical Lights : XenaLux™


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Powered by a 300-watt Xenon source and with light delivery via multi-fiber cables, Burton’s XenaLux™ OR headlamp system offers superior intensity as well as remarkable reliability and value. The headlamp’s optical system has a full range of articulation with a variable spot range, removable joystick adjustment and a new and improved vertically adjustable linkage arm for added reach and greater maneuverability. Unique design and optics allow the XenaLux™ Illuminator to provide superior features.

Headlamp Features

  • Extremely bright light of 120,000+ lux (11,148 fc) at working distance
  • Variable spot with flawless circular beam
  • Very light weight right angle headlamp
  • Preferred for comfort
  • Compact optical system
  • Fully-adjustable, uniquely-designed linkage arm allows for vertical adjustment of the optical module
  • Adapts to any Wolf port
  • Attractive, standard 3.5 bundle cables
  • Headlamp and Module 3-year limited warranty

Illuminator Features

  • Produces highest intensity white light of any 300-Watt Xenon source
  • Long bulb life of 500 hours
  • Quiet, cool venting system
  • Rotary Turret for Wolf, Storz, Olympus, ACMI and Pilling connectors
  • Hours-in-use meter
  • Optional mobile floorstand offers vertical adjustment on upright assembly; the illuminator’s shelf includes a handle for easy positioning
  • Fiber Optic Illuminator 3-year limited warranty
  • Fiber Optic Cable 1-year limited warranty

Ordering Information

  120V Model   230V Model   Description
  XN10C   XN22C   Headlamp & Illuminator
  XN10H   XN10H   Headlamp
  XN10I   XN22I   Illuminator


  Model   Description
  0880300   Mobile floorstand for Illuminator
  4000446   XenaLux Head Light Sterile Joysticks, Set of Ten (10)
  4000443   300 XenaLux Replacement Bulbs
  4000447   XenaLux Lightsource Headlight Replacement Cable