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Burton Bulb Packs

To ensure correct operation, prevent product failure and possible loss of warranty, use Burton halogen replacement bulbs. Burton bulbs are tested at our facilities to meet MIL-SPEC standards and are packed in custom boxes to signify they meet our performance requirements.
(See Replacement Bulb Matrix)
Bulb Accessory

Disposable Light Handle Covers

Save time by eliminating the need to autoclave handles and allow compliance with OSHA standards for sterile procedures.

 Model Description For Use With
0008100PK Light Handle Covers, Sterile, 25/box AIM-50®, AIM-100®, AIM-200® OR, AIM® LED, CoolSpot® II, Outpatient® II, APEX®
4000376 Arm Sheaths – 1 Carton with 5 Dispensers of 25 Sheaths Super Bright Spot® LED

Disposable Light Handle Cover

Replacement Handles

 Model Description
1017040 AIM-50® / AIM-100® / AIM-200® OR / AIM® LED / APEX® Replacement Handle
1008466B CoolSpot® II Replacement Handle (Shown)
1008465 Outpatient® II Replacement Handle

Replacement Handles

Drop Tubes

 Model Description For Use With
4000071 10′ Ceiling Drop Tube Nova Exam® LED, Super Exam® 50 LED, Super Exam® 50
1017084 42″ Drop Tube AIM® LED, AIM-50®, AIM-100®, AIM-200® OR
1008259 42″ Drop Tube Outpatient® II, CoolSpot® II
1008060 Special Length, Max. 58″ Drop Tube Outpatient® II, CoolSpot® II

Mounting Accessory

 Model Description For Use With
6000424 Fastrac Ceiling Mount
(must be ordered in addition to the Outpatient LED Ceiling Mounts)
Outpatient® LED

Fastrac Ceiling Mount OP LED

 Model Description For Use With
4000068 Din Style Rail Mount 25mm X 10mm LE 50® LED
4000067 Fairfield Style Rail Mount LE 50® LED
6000431 Wall Mount Extension 15.5″ LE 50® LED
4000431 Wall Mount Extension Arm (15.5″) Nova Exam® LED

Rail Mounts

Additional Accessories

 Model Description For Use With
4000368 AC Adapter with PSE Approval US STANDARD 120V Super Bright Spot® LED
4000378 International Wall Plug Kit Super Bright Spot® LED, UV LED Magnifier
880300 Mobile Floorstand for Illuminator Xenalux™️

International Wall Plug KitXenalux™️ Floorstand