ASPEL ® – ASPEL ECG ORANGE v.07.105 (Electrocardiograph)


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ASPEL ECG ORANGE v.07.105 (Electrocardiograph)

Electrocardiograph ASPEL ECG ORANGE v.07.105 – is a 1, 3, 6, 12 channel device enabling electrocardiogram to be performed in a full 12-lead range. It is designed for ECG testing of adult and pediatric patients in all health care facilities by trained personnel. The test is recorded in manual or automatic mode with the option of performing analysis and interpretation. The camera can be powered from a 100V – 240V network or from an internal battery.

1. Visualisation of 12 ECG waveforms, analysis results and interpretations,

examinations stored in memory.

2. Recording of 12 standard leads.

3. Print out in 1, 3, 6 or 12 ECG waveforms mode. Printing of a selected group:

o 1 channel – (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6),

o 3 channels in standard format – (I-II-III, aVR-aVL-aVF, V1-V2-V3,


o 3 channels in Cabrera format – (aVL-I-aVR, II-aVF-III, V1-V2-V3,


o 6 channels in standard format – (I-II-III-aVR-aVL-aVF,


o 6 channels in Cabrera format – (aVL-I-aVR-II-aVF-III,


o 12 channels in standard format – (I-II-III-aVR-aVL-aVF-V1-V2-V3-V4-V5-


o 12 channels in Cabrera format – (aVL-I-aVR-II-aVF-III-V1-V2-V3-V4-V5-V6).

4. Available types of examinations: manual, AUTO, automatic to clipboard.

5. Automatic record ECG signal from all 12 leads simultaneously, with save to

temporary memory function, then depending on the settings: print out

examination’s result, analysis, interpretation or save to database.

6. Adjustable length of automatic examination recording — interval of 6–30


7. ECG printed directly from the electrocardiograph using PCL5/6 printer.

8. Printout from database. Possibility to printout additional information about

examination or patient.

9. Alpha-numerical soft-key keyboard with functional buttons.

13. Possibility to set parameters: speed, sensitive, intensity of printing.

14. Menu displayed on the screen for easy operation using touch panel.

15. Database of patients and examinations. Internal memory up to

1000 patients, 1000 examinations.

16. Viewing of the memory-stored examinations on display, with the possibility

of changing the number of leads, augmentation and speed.

17. Automatic analysis and interpretation in compliance with EN 60601-2-51

(CSE database) – Analysis and interpretation dependable on age & sex of

a patient.

18. Up to 130 automatic examinations in battery mode.

19. Continuous heart rate (HR) measurement and display.

20. Adapted to direct operation on an open heart.

21. Device allows to enable and disable the following filters:

o power line interference filter; filters available: 50 Hz, 60 Hz,

o muscle interference filter; filters available: 25 Hz, 35 Hz, 45 Hz,

o contour line filters; filters available: 0.15 Hz, 0.45 Hz, 0.75 Hz, 1.5 Hz,

22. Detection of electrode detachment, independent for each channel

(INOP control).

23. Detection of cardiac stimulator.

24. Sound signalling of detected stimulations of heart stimulator.

25. Protection against defibrillation pulse.

26. ECG recordings optionally saved on PenDrive.

27. Cooperation with CardioTEKA.

28. EMR – keep performed examinations in specified period of time on external

data storage (USB memory).


1. Limb electrodes, 4 pieces (EKK type).

2. Chest electrodes, 6 pieces (EPP type).

3. KEKG 30R ECG cable.

4. Main cable.

5. R-A4 paper, 112 mm wide (1 reel).

6. ECG gel.

7. Operation manual.